49th National Day of Sultanate of Oman

Today is the 49th National Day of Oman. National Day of Oman is celebrated every year on 18th November. First National Day was celebrated in 1970 after His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said first ascended to power in that year. It is celebrated to commemorate the Omani Independence from Portugal. This year will be the 369th anniversary of independence from Portugal. It is also the 79th birthday of Sultan Qaboos Bin Said. This makes Oman one the longest independent countries in the world.

Like every year, streets across Muscat and the rest of Oman are decorated and lighted up in the colour’s of Oman’s red, white and green flag. This year the lighting installations are in the shape of musical instruments and musical notes besides the usual flower shaped installations. Royal Oman Police (ROP) has also allowed people to decorate their cars for a limited period of time to celebrate Oman National Day. As usual there will be lots of shows and activities including fireworks across the country. Most of the major shopping centers have announced 49 percent discount to mark the occasion. Internet giant google has  also joined in by putting Omani Flag as google doodle on http://www.google.com and chrome browser.

The next National Day will be special as His Majesty will complete 50 years as Sultan of Oman. Preparations have already started. Competitions have been already announced to choose the theme and logo. All the Omani citizens and residents of the Sultanate are encouraged to participate in it.

It would not be out of place to mention about the tremendous progress which Oman has made in the last five decades under His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said. Today Oman is a stable and peaceful country. Oman has also made tremendous progress in the field of education. One thing which distinguishes Oman from many countries is the tolerance of Omani society towards people of other cultures and faiths. The population of Oman is around 4.5 million out of which around 2 million are expatriates from all over the world working and living peacefully and happily in Oman. Oman has peaceful relations with all the countries including its neighbors. It would not be out of place to mention that Oman follows the Ibadi madhab or maslak (i.e. school of fiqh) of Islam. Oman was one of the earliest regions to voluntarily accept Islam in the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad (May Peace Be Upon Him).

Happy National Day to Oman. May Allah always shower His Blessings on this peaceful and beautiful country.



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